Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Minnesota News from MNN - 10/2/13

"Minnesota Summary"  10-2-13

State Activates Contigency Team For Federal Shutdown

(St. Paul, MN)  --  The state Management and Budget Department has activated a special contingency team in response to the federal government shutdown.  The group will coordinate with state agencies to determining existing and potential impacts to programs and services.  Officials say they expect the list of affected services to grow, depending on how long the federal government shutdown lasts.

Walz Will Donate Pay To Foodshelves During Shutdown

(Washington, DC)  --  First-district Congressman Tim Walz says he'll donate his pay to food shelves in Mankato and Rochester during what he calls the "reckless Tea Party government shutdown."  Walz says hard-working families are suffering because of the "uncompromising, reckless attitude of a few rigid ideologues in Washington" and that's why he's donating his pay to charity.  Republicans respond they're willing to compromise but Democrats won't acknowledge problems that Obamacare is having.

Expert:  Americans Caused Shutdown By Electing Divided Government

(Minneapolis, MN)  --  A lot of blame is being laid on either Republicans or Democrats -- or both --  for the federal government shutdown.  But University of Minnesota constitutional law expert Professor Dale Carpenter says that blame, and wrangling over whether Congress or the administration is at fault, is misplaced.  Carpenter says the American people, by electing branches of government which are in disagreement with each other, have effectively consigned the nation to this kind of occasional impasse.  He says roadblocks in Washington, D.C. will remain unless voters either change the composition of Congress or change the president.

GOP Says MNsure Still Not Ready, Despite Tuesday Launch

(Preston, MN)  --  Republicans say key features of MNsure still aren't ready, even though the new health insurance exchange went on-line mid-afternoon Tuesday.  Preston Republican Greg Davids says he's concerned about "navigators" who will help consumers with their questions -- because he says they haven't been trained and there have been no background checks.  Davids adds, out of 62-thousand insurance agents, less than 25-hundred have signed up to sell insurance through the exchange.  Backers of the new health insurance exchange respond it will take a little time for that complex system to become fully operational -- but they say when it does, Minnesotans will quickly find out they can save money on their health insurance by using it.

Five Suspected Runaways, Ages 11-13, Back Home Safely

(St. Paul, MN)  --  Five Minneapolis girls between the ages of 11 and 13 are back at home, more than 24 hours after they disappeared.  A frantic search began Monday afternoon when the young girls didn't arrive at their homes from Seward Montessori School.  Police immediately began searching for Isabel Ward, Gabriella Woods, Keneni Legese, Malina Long Crow,  and Alexandra O�rien, and suspected the girls may have been trying to run away to Chicago.  The girls had separated into two groups, but were found safely in St. Paul yesterday (Tue).
Jury Deliberations to Resume at 9 a.m. in Trevino Murder Case

(St. Paul, MN)  --  There is still no verdict in the murder trial of Jeffery Trevino.  The jury deliberated for about 7�hours yesterday (Tue)  before adjourning for the night.  They plan to resume this (Wed) morning (9am).  Trevino is accused of murdering his wife Kira Steger in their St. Paul home and dumping her body in the Mississippi River, where it was found nearly three months later.  Prosecutors say Trevino killed his wife because she was having an affair with a coworker and wanted to end the marriage.  The defense claims that the evidence against him is scant and unreliable.  Trevino is charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

Anti-Hunger Group Rounding Up Surplus Sweet Corn

(Undated)  --  Hunger Free Minnesota plans to capture up to a million pounds of newly-harvested surplus sweet corn to be delivered fresh to low-income families in Minnesota and food banks around the nation.  "We believe it's the single largest rescue of agricultural surplus to date," says Ellie Lucas with Hunger Free Minnesota.  Lucas says it was a pilot project last year and has been expanded to include the Feeding America Network.
Watch Out For Deer

(Undated)  --  Motorists and motorcyclists need to be extra cautious for deer on Minnesota's roadways this time of year.  State Patrol Lieutenant Eric Roeske (ROSS'-key) says one-third of deer-vehicle crashes over the last three years happened in October and November.  And Roeske says of people killed in those crashes, 15 of the 16 were motorcyclists.  Roeske says seven riders have already been killed in deer-cycle crashes this year - which matches the state record from 2008.  He says autumn is especially dangerous as deer movement increases during harvest and breeding. 

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