Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wheeler News - Saturday State News - 12/21/13

Wheeler News Service – Saturday, December 21, 2013 - News Summary

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Badger 5:  1 - 4 - 6 - 19 - 22
Daily Pick 4:  0 - 1 - 1 - 9
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Here are the stories:

Winter storms will likely throw a wrench into some holiday travel plans in the state. The National Weather Service in Sullivan has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the entire southern portion of Wisconsin, for tonight and into tomorrow evening. The weather service says a low pressure system will strengthen rapidly, bringing heavy snowfall with it. Six to nine inches of snow is expected. Roads will likely be icy and snow-covered. Officials say commuters should take extra caution while driving.


A new Facebook video appears to show Green Bay police officer allegedly punching and kicking two men to the pavement. The attorney of 21-year-old NeeGee Cloud posted the video, saying the whole community can see it first-hand without a “spin on it”. Cloud and another man were arrested and charged on November 6 with resisting arrest and possession of a marijuana pipe. A spokesperson for the police department says they cannot comment on the video because it’s a pending criminal case… but says the officers acted within policy and procedure. During his arrest, Cloud was allegedly carrying a B-B pistol.


The brother of Julie Jensen, a Wisconsin woman killed 15 years ago, says he is shocked that a judge overturned the case against her husband. Mark Jensen was accused of killing his wife in 1998 with antifreeze. A judge overturned his 2008 conviction, saying a letter written by the victim to a neighbor about suspicion of her husband were insufficient. Paul Griffin, the victim’s brother, says he’s certain Jensen would be convicted a second time with other evidence. Prosecutors have the option to retry the case, a judge has ordered Jensen be released from jail within 90 days.


Officials say a 48-year-old patient at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex has died, following an altercation with police and security guards. Milwaukee police say the man was brought in early Friday morning after he threatened his wife with a hammer. A news release reports the unidentified man was in “a mental crisis” and brought to the complex. Authorities say the man became very combative, was restrained and medicated. The man became unresponsive… lifesaving effort were unsuccessful. Authorities say autopsy results will help determine a cause of death.